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Dream Specialized Hospital provides a highly specialized integrated quality services through a chain of affiliated network to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction in Egypt & the Arab world .

In Dream Specialized Hospital the patient is our focus, we try to build all of our services to meet his needs To achieve a greater value .
Our philosophy is to create a personalized service and care for the details in each and every step of service provision


Our Objectives

Improve level of clients' satisfaction by 10%. Increase the percentage of international patients by 10%. Increase & sustain growth and establish new branches locally & world wide

Our Philosophy

Is to have a continuous quality improvement culture. Is to provide tailored services to fit the needs of patients especially with special needs. Is to have continuous medical education and human

Our Values

We are bound by key fundamental values and principles: Professional and technological excellence Continuous education, research and development Quality service guided by compassion.

Our Aims

We always welcome Arabs, Africans and Foreigners. We ensure providing medical and support services that fulfill our mission to create a healthier community.

Came to believe by experience that with Real Health Problems we don't need anything BUT a real honest , loving , caring & respectable Physicians, who can replace with the support of his teamwork the Fear of Illness with Trust in


Good Hospitality

We are very glad, the way you treat us and take good care of us. And that you offer us with good care, when we came back home we really missed the way you attempt to us because we never regret been to your hospital. And I pray to almighty Allah.

Good Experience

I visited Dream Hospital, I was fully attended to it right from my home, when I was picked to the hospital environment their relationship with their patient is very efficient, the nurses are well trained.