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Dream Specialized Hospital provides a highly specialized integrated quality services through a chain of affiliated network to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction in Egypt & the Arab world .

In Dream Specialized Hospital the patient is our focus, we try to build all of our services to meet his needs To achieve a greater value .
Our philosophy is to create a personalized service and care for the details in each and every step of service provision


Dream Hospital

Our Mission

Our overall mission at 'Dream Hospital' is to provide the highest and most efficient quality patient and family-oriented Health Care Services. We at 'Dream Hospital' take great pride in promoting the holistic well-being of our valued patients. 'Dream Hospital' aims to relieve the suffering of our esteemed patients by ultimately restoring, as quickly and as capably as possible, their respective health, and the health of the community it proudly serves. Last but not least, 'Dream Hospital' ultimate goal is to become a World Leading Health Institution enriched by Science, Technology and Continuing Education.

Our Vision

To be a world renowned health organisation by providing and delivering the highest quality health care. Setting a standard for compassion, innovation and maintaining a leading edge in medicine. Working with our patients and families, by placing their needs and requirements as the highest priority.

Purpose and Commitment.

To provide the best, safest, expert and accessible family century care for every adult, young person, child and infant that attends our hospital.


  • Service: listen to our patients and families. Respond to their needs and requirements in a timely and appropriate manner and to work with them to promote their health and well-being

  • Integrity:uphold firm principles and standards, to be open and honest, to treat all people equally with dignity and respect, despite age, colour, gender or creed

  • Courage:to uphold the highest professional integrity. To seize the opportunities and embrace the fundamental responsibility for continued self improvement and development

  • Innovation:to remain enthusiastic about discovery and to seize innovative evidence based solutions.

  • Accountability - applying best knowledge and skills to assure best outcome and experience for patient and colleagues. To be dedicated to proving precise, understandable, prompt and factual information. To accept the responsibility for our own decisions.

Strategic Goals

  1. Leading in the provision of equality healthcare for all, regardless of age, colour, gender or creed
  2. Building strong partnerships and engagement for improved health outcomes.
  3. Build an empowered and engaged workforce.
  4. Enhance financial management.
  5. Enhance education and research